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Speaking Engagements

Michelle use her life experiences to call people forward to their greatest potential. Her combination of Strategic Thinking and Passion for people will leave you and your team lifted and motivated to go higher.

Watch Michelle in action at Hot Girls on Fire for God as she speaks on the topic ACTION! Pursuing Purpose with Passion.

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Get access to Michelle for one day to focus and make massive movement on your goals

I have heard the cries!

“I have a million ideas to do for my business! I am busy, I don’t have the time, I need to just take a break and get all the information I have in my head on paper! I am easily distracted and I feel all over the place!” Well, here we are, ready to serve you. Book your call to schedule your VIP day where we will strategize on where you are in your business and what your immediate needs are to move you closer to your goals.

Corporate Services

Strategic Planning helps your organization to look ahead and develop strategies to drive growth. This is achieved through careful assessment of your current environment while intertwining with internal goals and visions.

Book Michelle today as she utilizes her expert knowledge in Strategic Planning & Execution principles to develop action plans which will include the necessary support systems with carefully selected key performance indicators (KPIs) to support your desired Organizational Vision.

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What People Say

Grace Johnson photo

Grace Johnson

Founder | G's Delight

You have a wealth of knowledge to impart and I appreciate everything from the session, all the advice given, and i am looking forward to another workshop.

Orpheus Douglas photo

Orpheus Douglas

Founder | Ocadtech

The course was an eye opener and the only complaint is that it’s too short. I realize that I have to re-learn the market. You helped us to see a lot of potential in ourselves. Thank You!

Kirk Morrison photo

Kirk Morrison

Founder | Richus Jamaica

I was fully engaged and I found the session to be SUPER INFORMATIVE. The material you covered is EXCELLENT, the workshop was more than I expected!

Monique Mallett photo

Monique Mallett

Founder | Sweetbox JA

The workshop met and exceeded my expectations and I appreciate it so much. As I build my business I know the questions I need to be asking along the way. Thank you so much