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Vision Board Party 1

Vision Board Party – Bring a Friend for free

Start 2022 with a bang but don’t do it alone! Grab a friend or family member and let’s get our Vision Boards ready before January 1, 2022

I am not even going to write anything fancy! Since starting purposefully doing Vision Boards, my life has significantly changed. I bought a new home, purchased the EXACT vehicle I had on my vision board, up-leveled my skills, and took more risks PLUS much more. So my question to you is, do you want to come with me so I can help you break through the fears and live on purpose? Bring a friend, get some snacks, and let's plan together.


Goal Achievers Club

Now that you have created your vision board the real work begins. So many of us visualize the life we want to create but getting it done is where we get stuck. Do you have your vision board goals from previous years? How many of them have you taken action on? Is there anything left? Why didn’t you move? What’s holding you back? Life nor time isn’t waiting on anyone! You don’t need to read another book, attend another conference, just take action!

*Create a structured plan for the items on your Vision Board

*Decide where to put your focus and when

*Design creative ways of pushing through when things get challenging