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Business Growth Starter Kit

For Solopreneurs who need a plan to know how they can achieve their business goals.

business growth starter kit

You have your business idea and now you need a plan to help you take action.

Our Business Growth Starter Kit is exactly what you need!

This is for SOLOPRENEURS who:

need help
Need Help
Solopreneurs who have a business idea and they need help with setting goals so they can give birth to their business.
need plan
Need A Plan
Solopreneurs who need a plan so they know how they can achieve their business goals.
business growth
Wants to Grow
Solopreneurs who need to know how to plan the growth of their business so they can reach 6 figures.

What's Included

Identify your business growth target

Document how you will achieve it

Price your Product/Service

Worksheet to create an action plan that will become your Business Roadmap

Taking massive action can drive results you could only dream of

This workbook will enable you to ..


Get Organized Workbook 

The Ultimate Brain Dump Workbook that allows you to dump your ideas and create an annual plan.

Nice to meet you, I’m Michelle.

If you have a goal for your life Michelle knows how to help you think Strategically to make it happen. A believer in following one’s dream even when no one else is cheering you on, Michelle O’Connor has danced to the beat of her drum all the way from the inner city community to creating an abundant life from which she is now giving back to others.

Michelle marries her experience and knowledge in Strategic Planning along with real life experiences to help Entrepreneurs push towards their goals. Once you decide to go forward toward anything you are passionate about, you will come up on forces and this is where most of us need the help.

Hear from my previous students & hear what they say

My hat goes out to you! You have a wealth of knowledge to impart and I appreciate everything from the session. I appreciate all the advice given at the workshop and I am looking forward to our other sessions. I am looking forward to another workshop to help me continue to grow my Business.
Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson – Founder G’s Delight
The session was awesome! From the booklet to the agenda and the information shared. The workshop met and exceeded my expectations and I appreciate it so much. As I start and go deeper into building my business I know that I have a skeleton working with and I know the questions I need to be asking along the way. Thank you so much
Monique Mallet
Monique Mallett – Founder SweetBoxJA
Initially, I was wondering what we would be doing so long however, after coming to the workshop and receiving the material I can say that I was fully engaged and I found the session to be SUPER INFORMATIVE. Having been to other seminars for days I have not received half the information you shared in just one day. The material you covered is EXCELLENT and I want to thank you as the workshop was more than I expected!
Orpheus Douglas
Orpheus Douglas – Founder Ocadtech Dhira-Mae Douglas – Founder Pretty Fancy Things

Will the book be shipped to me?

Yes! 😀. Once you insert your email address we will share with you a link to download the eBook so you have access anywhere you are.

Is it a subscription payment?

No. Your payment will be a one-time payment.

Do I need a special device or app to read it?

You can read with your mobile device or computer using their default apps.

Let’s help you grow your business with our Starter Kit

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