The importance of having a Vision

The importance of having a Vision

The good book says without a vision the people perish. Having a vision provides you with guidance on where you should place your focus and attention in order to achieve and unearth your life’s potential. Your Vision provides you with a check point to ensure that you are aligning the things you are doing with where you want to be. The same way we think of a vision for your personal life, it’s the same way you should aim to develop a vision for your business.

For this reason, Businesses across the world all have a Vision Statement (there are tools available to help you craft your Vision Statement). Once your client reads your vision statement, it should tell them what you are about and where you are heading. If you think about your Vision as a large parcel of land that you purchased that spans for miles, you know there is much you want to do with the land but you have not yet developed your plan. The purchasing of the land says this is your intention. It provides you with the necessary parameters, how far will you go, how wide or even how high. Your vision is your accountability stick, ensuring that you stay within the boundaries you have designed for your business. Can your Vision change? I think it can! People evolve and so do businesses as such, you might realize that the direction you were headed in no longer serves your life mission or maybe you have changed.

In everything you do, always ensure that you start with your vision first.

Do you need help in crafting a Vision for yourself or your business? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will utilize proven techniques to help you to create your Vision Statement and more.

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