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  • Imagine if….you had someone that could dump your business ideas on and they could get it organize for your ina way that was clear and directly linked to your business growth goal
  • Imagine if……you woke up every day with clarity of thought and knew what goals you were going after
  • Imagine if… didn’t need to sit in frustration and overwhelm because you feel as though you need to do everything for your business on you own
  • Imagine if….you had someone to guide you daily, providing you with tips on how to overcome obstacles
  • Imagine if….you could finally set goals and achieve them


  • …you had a step by step plan that lead you towards your daily goals and you were fully in control of your life?
  • …you knew how to develop systems and processes to achieve your goals?
  • … you had a step by step plan to go from no results to results in 1 year?
  • … you had on-demand coaching and guidance whenever you felt stuck or unclear on how to move forward and you never had to feel alone or burdened
  • …you could…Remove the clutter from your head by getting help with organizing your ideas and thought



  • Clarity/refine your why. WHY did you start this business
  • Remove the clutter from your head by getting help with organizing your ideas and thought
  • Increase your presence & remain relevant
  • Develop a robust action plan
    • Set revenue targets
    • Set client targets
    • Ensure that the ways you have for clients to reach you are clear and easy
  • Highlight training opportunities for your team
  • Create your annual Action Plan
  • Learn to operate in your zone of influence
  • Identify what is stopping you from moving forward with your business goals
  • Identify & communicate with you your ideal client
  • Implement tools needed to offer the product/service to your client
  • GROW

Which one do you want to be?

20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open
45% during the first five years
65% during the first 10 years
Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more
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Choose Your Best Plan

Let me help you set your goals and bring out your creative juices that will help you to achieve your dreams. Choose the plan best suited for you and celebrate your success.

  • 12 week coaching program
  • VIP Day
  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Access to our closed community to gain support
  • Strategic tools to develop plans for sales, operations, team performance & rewards program & marketing  that directly targets clients for growth
  • Monthly One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Templates and videos that guides you daily to create organization & structure for your business
  • Action plan to provide guide on goals and actions to take
  • Benefit from experts and other strategic planning tools

Premium Plan

Full Payment for 90 Days

Advance Plan

3 Monthly Payments

Michelle has always been passionate about planning, as she believes it’s the foresight to achieve one’s desired goals. She not only plans on the business level but, being a mother and wife, does so on a day-to-day basis

Michelle marries her Corporate experience and knowledge in Strategic Planning and Execution along with real life experiences to help Entrepreneurs push towards their goals. Once you decide to go forward towards anything you are passionate about, you will encounter obstacles and this is where my experience comes into play.