A vision not written down in words or pictures is merely a wish.

Writing down your vision awakens your subconscious to look for opportunities and the universe begins to aligns and answers the call we have made.

Our Vision Clarity Workbook will help you with the first step in bringing your Vision to Life

Turn your wish into a goal

Identify what can stop you from achieving your goals

Categorize your goals

Cheat sheet to help you take massive action

Vision Book Clarity Worksheets Helps You

Get clear on the long term vision for your life

Categorize your vision

Say why it is important to you

Identify your fears

Document your goals for the next year

The Workbook is for you if..

  • You have dreams and need clarity on how to turn those dreams into reality
  • You know you are meant for more but can’t seem to break through the voices in your head that is keeping you stuck
  • You have a lot of ideas in your head and need to write them down so that can give them some focus
  • You want a live a fulfilling life
  • You want to live and not just exist
  • You need help with goal planning

Your Life After Using The Vision Clarity Workbook

vision clarity

Greater clarity on vision for your life and what goals you will focus on.

take action

Goal achievement as you will know what actions you need to take now to turn your vision into reality, and have greater productivity so you can achieve your goal.

Results from people like you

camica fuller

I have personally found them very fulfilling hence why I keep coming back. I like the fact that you that your strategy is realistic and practical and you give us nuggets to find out if we are on track with our goals settings or off track. If off-track. You implore us to do an evaluation of the situation. My biggest highlights are that you always include God in our sessions, you give us your personal story (This motivates me to say I can do it too), You make dreaming big more into reality than a fairy tale, you provided the materials to do our self-evaluation and you gave us the options to contact you or have an accountability partner. I would recommend Strategy with Michelle to anyone who has a dream and wants to make it into a reality. I have achieved 4 of my six goals and I am working progress with the remaining. Thanks, Strategy with MO

Camica Fuller (JA)

Nodia Hinds

Not until I was apart of Michelle’s workshop that I realized it’s definitely more than just that. It’s about setting and documenting clear, defined, and realistic visions you have for your life, what you visualize, hope, and will work to achieve for a given time period in your life, for example, I knew I needed to work on getting my credit better and for years I keep thinking about it and saying I would, but after discussing it in the workshop and putting it on my vision board I felt obliged to finally follow through. I knew that now I would be held accountable, and I can happily say I’ve made the first step now and one of that very important vision on my board is being realized. Something about passing by and looking at those visions you’ve set makes it that much more attainable and fulfilling, now, on to the next, let’s see how that other vision of finding love pans out for me lol, thanks, Michelle.

Nordia Hinds (USA)


I started eating healthy and clean. When I started seeing the improvement, that encouraged me, even more, to keep it up. My spending habits has changed I spend within my budget and since I started I have been able to save every week so far, I started inquiring about different investments because it’s something I want to get into. So starting a vision board was the best thing I have ever done because looking at them every day makes me want to accomplish them even more.

Tasha, USA

Monique Mallet

The session was awesome! From the booklet to the agenda and the information shared. The workshop met and exceeded my expectations and I appreciate it so much. As I start and go deeper into building my business I know that I have a skeleton working with and I know the questions I need to be asking along the way. Thank you so much

Monique Mallett – Founder SweetBoxJA


Just by how transparent and intentional you are made me have more confidence in making the steps towards actually making my vision board. I absolutely love the breakdown of each goal! Every time I look at it I get in a beast mood. Your drive for success is a whole vibe! All my life I ran around in circles and with that breakdown, it gives a clear vision in moving forward. Thank you!

Ann (JA)

Questions? We have them Answered

Will the book be shipped to me?

Yes! 😀. Once you insert your email address we will share with you a link to download the eBook so you have access anywhere you are.

Is it a subscription payment?

No. Your payment will be a one-time payment.

Do I need a special device or app to read it?

You can read with your mobile device or computer using their default apps.

About Michelle

If you have a goal for your life Michelle knows how to help you think Strategically to make it happen. A believer in following one’s dream even when no one else is cheering you on, Michelle O’Connor has danced to the beat of her drum all the way from the inner city community to creating an abundant life from which she is now giving back to others.

Michelle marries her experience and knowledge in Strategic Planning along with real life experiences to help Entrepreneurs push towards their goals. Once you decide to go forward toward anything you are passionate about, you will come up on forces and this is where most of us need the help.

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